[ Based on the current economic needs and latest development of global higher education, as well as nation's wish to become a high income country as it's approaching the year 2020. ]

The Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia has decided that there is a need to realize KTP. KTP is an initiative under RMK-10 to strengthen the network between industry-community collaborations with the academia.

The Knowledge Transfer Programme Grant Scheme is designed to encourage knowledge transfer generated by Malaysia public universities (IPTA). Besides, it aims to broaden and strengthen knowledge and skills of the target groups; public communitie and industries.

The KTP project is optimizing the well-established knowledge of the academia (IPTA) to provide insights towards solving the industrial problem.

KTP’s main objectives are:

  1. To ease the transfer of expertise and research results through innovative projects which are handled together by academic staffs and business partners from industries and target communities
  2. To provide training based on industry to graduates to increase knowledge and experience, entrepreneurship skills, and graduate marketability