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19-04-2016| In CEO Faculty Programme News

BHI News Update – 9th March 2016 : Dr Hari Narayanan, Managing Director Motorola Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd has given a CEO Public Lecture on the topic about Driving Six Sigma Quality in Industry. The lecture are attended by 350 participants from engineering and management students, UMP staff as well as representatives from industry and govt. agencies. Sharing ideas and point of view about 6 sigma are the key requirements in industry. Students are given with the knowledge which is highly in demand and techniques in 6 sigma include good practices in industry. Also presenting is Mr. Ang Say Teik, Motorola’s Black Belt Consultant.

Motorola also has given donation for two-way portable and mobile radios in the amateur radio band. One mobile radio in desktop configuration completed with antenna, and three portable radios are provided for each of the VHF and UHF amateur radio bands.

The expectation is that the radios will assist the learning of two-way radio systems, and encourage students to take up the exciting and experimental hobby of amateur radio. Indirectly, this will also spur interest in Science and Engineering.