Function of pipe cladding

What does Metallic Ceramic Tile and How Does It Work?

Cladding is the process of covering or coating construction material with a second layer. This procedure improves the building’s look while also strengthening its structural integrity. Metal wall cladding, which is generally made of aluminium or copper, is the most popular and useful type of external walls in Malaysia for a myriad of purposes.

Malaysian Smart Metal Wall Cladding

A dependable metal plasterboard will provide a variety of benefits in addition to keeping a building’s structure. Metal plasterboard is the greatest means of defence due to its many uses.

Metal plasterboard is the greatest means of defence due to its many uses. It is pleased to present the Related stuff metal wall cladding line, which is not only economical but also adaptable and simple to implement.


Metal wall cladding is highly aesthetic, with a sleek and futuristic vibe that instantly transforms a simple building into a masterpiece. Reproduces use slashing pigment technologies to provide a wide range of colour selections to fit a variety of flavours.


Metal wall cladding is more frequently seen around the outside of homes, but it can also be used as a striking gallery wall inside.


Aluminium plasterboard is exceptionally long-lasting and made to endure the severe Asian environment. It is smoke, condensation, and milky substance, unusual masonry.

Better Insulation

Copper plasterboard can help a building’s thermal insulation capabilities, allowing it to stay cool even in hot Malaysian weather. Steel plates are also a sound insulation insulator due to their density, which serves as a barrier between the building’s interior as well as outside sections.

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