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Luxury office offices for rent in Kuala Lumpur, fully equipped and ready to move into

In order to maintain consistency, we advise you to do inspections on a regular basis. First three months, the offices are inspected once a month, and then once a year for the rest of the first year and beyond. The offices are totally furnished. It is important for us to evaluate a rental property for things such as sanitary conditions, excessive wear, how many people are living there, and whether or not a tenant smokes in their office while renting. 

Talk to renters about small or large repairs, as well as their long-term plans if this is required. A modest increase in rental price may be taken into consideration if an animal poses a larger danger of damaging an office, even if the tenant can’t be accused of adopting an animal under the new Civil Code. Choosing the fully furnished office for rent KL is easy now.


In the event that a tenant becomes bankrupt, it’s best to include in the lease agreement or other contract the method that should be followed in the event of a tenant’s bankruptcy. Send a courteous warning through email and phone after the first three days of late, which is best done via email. Human error is unavoidable, and the renter may have forgotten to establish a standing order during this time period. There should be at least three days between sending the first and second reminders to the tenant through registered mail and email or via the data box that the lease agreement specifies. Notify the tenant that a notice has been received by sending a message. This will save needless disputes if the tenant fails to comply with the notice period. At least one impartial witness should be present when the transfer is made in writing. Do not forget to take pictures or film video of the event, even if it’s only for show.

Renovating and repainting a home

Furthermore, the lease agreement specifies when and how the office will be returned to its pre-lease state, as well as the condition of the unit at that time of handing it back. As an example, have a look at the language used. Normal wear and tear is taken into consideration throughout the handover procedure. In addition to being clean, the office had been freshly painted, and there were no obvious flaws.”

It is important to take into account elements such as wear and tear, as well as the vacancy in the property.

According to corporate statistics, the average damage to an office after it is passed over is between 12 and 15 thousand crowns per square metre. In addition to painting, cleaning, and minor repairs, there have been cases of more serious damage. The most common of these issues is dirty or scratched flooring, furniture, or panelling. We recommend that you make a list of the costs associated with any damage to the office’s vital equipment and put it in the lease agreement.” These are the sorts of problems that the service aims to solve. In this arrangement, the property owner continues to collect rent payments even if the property is unoccupied. As a result, the owner will not lose money as a result. It is our promise to him that he will receive back the property in the same condition that he gave it to us in the first place at the conclusion of the sublease.

fully furnished office for rent KL