Use of the Internet in All Fields

The functions and benefits of using the internet network are certainly very many for various areas of people’s lives, so that users from year to year are increasing. Especially in Indonesia, the benefits of the internet can not only be enjoyed by the upper class and middle class, the lower class can also take advantage of it, because the internet network itself has spread throughout the country.

Users are not limited by age and social status, as long as they have internet access, everyone can explore the virtual world with the internet. The number of sophisticated smartphones circulating in the community causes internet users through Android cellphones to increase, beating the number of internet users from PCs (computers). The benefits of the internet are certainly not only used to access various social media whose development is no less rapid than the number of users.

Quoted from, internet users in Indonesia are ranked 5th, after China, India, United States and Brazil. The number of users was approximately 132 million in 2017, of the total population of Indonesia reaching 263.5 million. The growth of internet users in Indonesia is also very fantastic, from 2000 to 2017 it increased by 6.535%. That’s why we need a good internet provider to use the internet, that’s why we should use Jom Apply the best Time fibre in Malaysia.

Benefit of Internet:

·        As communication media

Since the advent of the internet, communication has improved. Social media can be used by people as a communication tool. Internet users utilize so many social media platforms today that it is impossible to discuss them all individually. Facebook, of course, was the first social media to appear and be successful in controlling internet users.

Then there are a number of communication-related programmes, including BBM, WA, Yahoo, Gmail, and so forth. The advantages of the internet facilitate quicker, simpler, and easier communication. These days, you can use the internet for video calls in addition to text and audio calls.

·        As an Entertainment Media

The second advantage of the internet in general is that it may be used as a source of enjoyable entertainment to relieve tension and exhaustion after engaging in activities such as work or other activities. Online gaming, viewing TV without a TV, listening to or downloading favorite music without having to purchase cassettes, seeing live concerts, and watching movies and videos without having to go to the movies are just a few of the different forms of entertainment available.

There are several advantages to choosing positive entertainment over the negative entertainment that is readily available and openly distributed online. If you have kids, keep an eye on them to prevent them from getting access to harmful entertainment that could destroy their future.

·        As a Source of Information

Due to the advantages of using the internet as a source of information, individuals turn to it to locate the information they seek, need, or are in need of. In the modern era, information sources are not limited to TV, radio, newspapers, and other print media. Information from the internet that is current (latest) typically arrives sooner than information from the media indicated above.

Then, it is obviously quite difficult to uncover old (ancient) information in this medium. Because the information that has been spread won’t be forfeited or just lost without any cause and effect, you can find old school information, one of which is on the Internet.

·        Internet for Students

o   A place to find answers to subject assignments at school given by the teacher. Sometimes there are indeed some teachers who tell their students to look for answers on the internet, either when doing homework or during assignments in class.

o   As an intermediary place to collect assignments given by the teacher. Surely you have experienced this, the teacher gives assignments and then asks us to collect them via Facebook, Email or something else.

o   As an additional source of learning, if it is felt that the main source of the book is lacking, the point is as a source of learning. Based on personal experience in high school, at the beginning of learning the teacher often asked us to look for answers to questions given through the internet, because it was felt that the sources from books were lacking. In addition, on the internet there are also more varied learning resources such as videos and pictures.